Meet the Instructors

Master Avi Avramcheyiv

Founder & Chief Instructor, Krav Maga 4th Dan & ShotoKan Karate 5th Dan

Military experience At 1997, sensei Avi joined the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as an Hand to Hand Combat Instructor – KRAV MAGA, shooting instructor, weapons disarm and counter terrorism, trained special forces & Elite Comando units. Law Enforcement experience Avi joined World Security & Self Defense Academy as an instructor at 2005 and Trained Security …

Riki Quinn

Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer

Riki (Rivka) Quinn is a second degree black-belt and has been practicing martial arts since she was 7 years-old. She has been teaching karate and self-defense for over a decade. Riki is certified as a karate instructor by the Wingate Institute in Israel, an NCCPT certified personal trainer and as a Krav Maga L-1 instructor …

Beka Goginashvili

Karate and Krav Maga instructor

Beka started training at theĀ Republic of Georgia Shotokan Karate-do central federation school in 1998. A Georgian, Caucasian and European various prize winner. Black sea trophy and Presidential trophy winner; Georgian two way champion in contact (Jiu Kumite). I pasted a test for a black belt at December 17, 2008 with world federation chief instructor (WSKF) …

Idan Levi

Krav Maga Level-1 instructor, Krav Maga 1st Dan Black Belt

Idan Levi’s Krav Maga initial experience began while serving at the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) inĀ a unit called SAMAG-5, Special Forces Police unit, where he trained KAPAP (Military Krav Maga), dealing with Terrorists and criminals. Idan Joined the New York Self Defense Academy in 2013 and trained under Master Avi Avramcheyiv in all aspects of …

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