Anti-Terror Krav Maga Seminar
Join us to a unique Seminar and learn the right ways of dealing with extreme Terror scenarios! Guest of honor instructor Master Gaby Michaeli, World Federation of Krav Maga president. Tactical Krav Maga Tactical and Operational shooting Shooting for Self Defense purposes *SPECIAL TRAINING! Indoor and Outdoor training ** Seminar is open to Civilians and
KIDS FIT AKM Fitness program
Lack of access to physical activity during early childhood is a critical problem that leads to long-term negative health consequences, such as obesity and related diseases, and can negatively affect academic performance in school among other things. By providing age appropriate, fun, after-school physical activity programs. KIDS FIT AKM Fitness program seeks to inspire an
Women BootCamp Fitness
Our Women boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by Riki, our personal trainer, whom is certified by Wingate Institute in Israel and also by the NCCPT. This program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1 hour period of time. Women Boot Camp training
Stephen L: “This review is about my experience with Krav Maga.  I came here because there was a good deal on Groupon for 2 months unlimited classes and have been attending classes regularly (Tues, Thurs, and Sun) for 2 months. Each class was challenging and fun; you definitely learn something new every class. Sensei Avi
Angel Rodriguez about NYSDA
By Angel Rodriguez on February 17, 2015   All my life I have been involved in some form of fight training. Granted, there has been a lot of “off and on” in my training, but I have always trained. It’s something I need in my life, I think that in a past life I was
NEW……Krav Maga in Brooklyn!!!
We are happy to inform about the opening of our new Brooklyn branch of the New York Self Defense Academy. the classes are instructed by Beka Goginashvili. a ShotoKan Karate Black Belt and Krav Maga Level-1 instructor. Biography: Beka started training at the Republic of Georgia Shotokan Karate-do central federation school in 1998. A Georgian, Caucasian
FREE Krav Maga Youth Program
The New York Self Defense Academy is offering 10 free Krav Maga classes to our youth at the Queens jewish community members. Why?    Because we care! in these crazy days when ISIS are terrorising the world and the crime of NYC is still rising, we decided to HELP our community and offer free self defense
This is the most challenging KRAV MAGA seminar so far! Combining multiple attackers and weapons in realistic everyday environments such as parks, parking lots, NYC streets, crowded places and MORE! Master Avi Avramcheyiv will teach you to protect yourself, your loved ones and bystanders against any real-life scenarios by drawing on skills he honed as a hand-to-hand

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